Saturday, January 25 – 3 – 4:30 p.m.

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“Our family loves this karate studio and all of the instructors. They teach our busy four year old, our active seven year old, myself and my hard working husband, in a disciplined, yet flexible environment.” – M. Riggs


We do more than just punches and kicks at Mount Pleasant Family Martial Arts. We offer a blend of martial arts styles for kids, parents, and families who want to train together in a family friendly environment.

Our classes are primarily geared towards children and families because it gives us the ability to offer more class times and focus on teaching our life skills curriculum. 

Our instructors are very passionate about helping children improve their mentality. In classes, we talk about developing self-confidence, how important it is to demonstrate self-discipline and the value of being committed to your goals. 

Mount Pleasant Family Martial Arts is a member of the Martial Arts Leadership Training Association (MALTA) school. MALTA is a community of family based martial arts schools whose passion is developing martial artists through modern and traditional systems, while enhancing character through several leadership programs.