“I am proud to be your student! Thank you for all of your guidance and support along the beginning of my journey. I can’t wait to start the next leg of it.” – Christy C.


The karate classes at Mount Pleasant Family Martial Arts are geared towards both children and adults. Our instructors are able to individually tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of each person in class, regardless of age.

Our format of family friendly classes provides a perfect opportunity for families to learn martial arts together. We teach students age four-years-old to adults and if you would like to join your child in learning martial arts, you can attend the same class. This is important as families struggle to fit all the demands of life into a day.

The biggest benefits to learning martial arts as a parent is family time. This is one of the few activities that you can guarantee a consistent family connection. By doing karate as a family, you will all get to do a fun activity that lets you bond together in a positive environment. And don’t worry! Should you have any physical limitations that might prevent certain movements, modifications can be made to ensure learning is still safe and fun.

The best reasons to learn martial arts as a family:

  • It’s an amazing way to bond.
  • YOU get to set the example for your kids.
  • It is great for fitness and self defense.
  • Parents rarely make time for themselves. Do something fun for yourself and your kids!

All new students begin as white belts and progress through our belt system, gaining skill and knowledge along the way.  In addition to gaining technical proficiency with each milestone, our students focus on core life skills. Our life skills education is a key foundation block to the success of our students in the studio, at home, and in the community.

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Once a student has demonstrated dedication and the right attitude, we offer additional opportunities for leadership training and education through our STORM (Special Team of Role Models) program. These offerings further enhance our programs and allow students to gain higher level life skills that will help them succeed in leadership positions inside and outside of the studio.


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