Why Martial Arts?

In a time when there are so many choices for extracurricular activities for our families, why choose martial arts especially over traditional sports activities?

Team sports offer many benefits and are especially fun to watch, but they are not for everyone. In addition, by the time most kids are in middle or high school, participating in team sports can become unattainable except for the most elite local athletes. Martial arts, however, offers a chance for anyone to individually participate and continue to participate as the years progress even into adulthood.

There are many benefits to enrolling your family in a martial arts program:

  • Everyone plays – No one EVER sits on the bench! Not being the most skilled player on a team is hard and not always fun. Our sport ensures everyone has equal playing time and as a result, ensures students remain engaged. The time your child spends in the studio is quality time.


  • Self-defense and conflict management – You cannot learn personal self-defense on a field. Martial arts students learn how to get out of confrontations without ever throwing a kick or a punch. Very important should your child ever encounter a bully. Your child will learn how to use valuable self-defense skills that could save their life.
  • Take back family time – Class lengths are generally 45 minutes, so you don’t ever have to worry about going into overtime! Students are encouraged to attend two classes per week. Learning martial arts is also a great activity for families. Bond as a family by training together!

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  • Multiple kids? One activity! – Enjoy the convenience of having all your kids in one place at one time. No more driving kids all over town to difference activities at different times. That reduces the stress on the entire family.
  • Consistent scheduling – Everyone knows kids (and families) function better on a routine. With set weekly schedules, families can have the security of knowing exactly when classes are held without the uncertainly of game times and locations.
  • Flexible class times – Multiple class times are available to pick from, so YOU choose what days and times work for your family and your schedule. Going out-of-town or have a scheduling conflict? You can choose a different day to attend classes on any given week.
  • Co-ed classes – The martial arts are one of the few sports where both boys and girls can participate together. That’s one for gender equality! Give brothers and sisters an opportunity to practice together, learn from one another, and work together.
  • No time for picking daisies! – Many children who have a tough time staying engaged in traditional sports excel in martial arts. Classes are fast paced and active which means students stay engaged.
  • Self-paced – Every child or adult learns at a different pace. With martial arts, goals are set at the individual level and success is achieved at every milestone.
  • New to the sport, no problem – You are never too old to start learning martial arts! Kids can start as young as around four-years-old. Don’t worry about being behind, all karate students start at the beginning no matter what the age. You won’t ever feel like you are catching up!
  • Life skills, life skills, life skills – The life skills learned in martial skills are immeasurable!
    • Respect
    • Self Control
    • Focus
    • Confidence
    • School Safety
    • Discipline
    • Goal Setting
    • Perseverance
    • Positive Attitude

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